1. It is advisable to allow about an hour or more depending on distance traveled for your vehicle to cool down. This will prevent wheel stains and water spots a common problem caused by the reaction of cleaning solutions on inappropriate surface temperatures.

  3. If weather conditions are extremely hot, if possible park your car in a shaded area, to help keep the vehicle cool, if vehicle is to hot, water droplet dry out quickly. This will enable us to commence your valet immediately. If no shaded area is available don’t worry we have a canopy.

  5. Shampooed upholstery will be touch dry within a short period of time upon completion. In the event of heavily stained fabrics this may not be achieved. It is nevertheless advisable to allow 1-2 hours of non use to allow it to dry natural and ensure a revived appearance.

  7. IMPRORTANT If you suffer from Asthma or any other breathing problems let us know before commencing cleaning your vehicle so we can ensure no air fresheners or fabric fresheners are used.